The Astromount has now been superseded by our brand new telescope mount, launched at the European Astrofest in February 2017.The Portable English Mount – PEM is a brand new design and there is nothing like this. This is a collaboration between Astromount and AWR Technology. More information available here.
IMG_0113 We have also have developed the Port-a-Pier. This has been designed so that your telescope can be left permanently mounted, assembled and ready to use. Just wheel out the Port-a-Pier, lock the wheels in postion and you can be observing within minutes! Download the Port-a-Pier information leaflet in pdf format.

CoursesWe’ve not only been busy updating product and developing new ones – we’ve teamed up with industry-leading speakers in order to run some exciting astro-imaging courses – view the Astrophotography Courses web site or choose the Courses link from the menu for more in-depth details.

We’re busy finalising the specifications of our products and detailing the course contents, so please keep an eye on the web site for the latest news from Astromount.

Course booking now online!