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A professional quality telescope mount at an affordable price

These heavy duty German Equatorial observatory-based telescope mounts provide a complete stand-alone professional telescope drive system.

The Astromount has now benefitted from state-of-the-art modelling design software and CNC engineering techniques and with the use of larger diameter shafts and angular contact bearings it makes for a very accurate and strong construction.

They are custom made to order; are very stable and designed to be used with all types of telescopes and would suit 6 to 10inch refractors and 12 to 20 inch Newtonians and Catadioptrics; although it is the load inertia and overall weight that are the limiting factors for the telescope size.

They are excellent for astrophotography.

Designed and made in Britain

The Astromount has been designed and manufactured to use the best of British designed and technology.


Included into this mount:

    • GOTO using an additional Intelligent Handset from AWR Technology.
    • Full user support from the designers (mechanics and software).
    • Smooth Microstepping drive system and motors from AWR Technology.
    • State-of-the-art modelling design software.
    • CNC Engineering techniques from Brian Brooks of Astroparts.
    • Comes with 1¾” stainless steel shafts and bearings and angular contact bearings.
    • Worm wheel sets from Beacon Hill Telescopes.