Smoothness of drive is maintained by very small motor steps, typically 50 per second, which are of a uniform size given by a constant torque/position profile out of the microstepper drive circuit. Belt drive transfers the motion. The exact drive rates are calculated for the reduction ratios and the refraction corrected Sidereal rate is applied (the King rate). In the GOTO mode the scope will slew at around 0.7 to 1 degree per second (depending on high speed performance option) with a constant (settable) acceleration and deceleration profile to and from high speed. Once calibrated on the stars the GEM configuration allows tracking by driving one axis only.

The complete Intelligent Drive System has many hundreds of operational hours on many telescopes around the world over the past 12 years. Many telescopes of all types and sizes have been upgraded.

The INTELLIGENT HANDSET provides a complete control with coordinate readout, GOTOs, object database and periodic error correction, for a complete stand-alone professional telescope system.

If desired, a computer can be connected and most planetarium programs can then control the telescope. A user support license is included in this package which comprises firmware upgrades when available and user support from AWR.

The same equipment (with different motors) has been used by AWR to power many telescopes up to 36 inch diameter mirror size weighing over 5 tonnes. A high level protocol interface to the Intelligent Handset is available by download from the AWR website under User Support. Full user support with telephone help, documents, etc, are included.

With this system you will be able to put an object on a small CCD chip, walk away and it will still be there some hours later.

The worm wheel sets from Beacon Hill Telescopes are precision machined, 5 arc seconds RMS peak-to-peak periodic error before periodic error correction. The intelligent handset offers periodic error calibration and backlash corrections and an aid in polar alignment with multiple calibration points. The GOTO performance should be better than 1 arc minute, when properly set up, when going between objects with altitudes above 45 degrees.

Warranty 1 year against defective parts and workmanship from date of purchase.